Just discovered Bill Burr and LOVED him – here’s why

As i was scrolling through my Netflix shows, i stumbled upon Bill Burr’s stand-up, and since i enjoy having a good laugh, i decided to give it a go. Long story short, 3 days later, i’ve went through everything i found of him on YouTube and i love all his material. Guy’s so funny and keeps it real, unlike most people who, after striking it big, lose the touch with reality and become complete douchebags. He also discusses issues that no one has guts to talk about, and will make you re-think your opinion of topics you were sure of.

But i think the problem with his stand up is that it attracts wrong kind of fans. I think he’s awesome and talks honestly, but his original thoughts such as hating faminism attracts a lot of sexists. In era where there are no other famous comedians or actors sharing their thoughts, these people found Bill and it felt just like home. Even though Bill clearly says that he’s against violence towards women, he does criticize them a lot, and talks about hypothetically hitting them. That usually is considered taboo for most people, but not for Bill.

Personally, i agree with some of his takes on issues like feminism, but not all of them. And that’s okay, as i can still enjoy his stand-up because he makes me laugh. Although it made me rethink my male-guilt towards the women and made me see how selfish they can be sometimes. So, even though he didn’t totally change my opinions on stuff, his arguements actually affected me. But i gotta say that his fan-base is weird, with their talking about hitting their girlfriends or calling them whores.

If you want to listen to Bill’s podcast, i think you can find it on iTunes and Soundcloud too. He releases it every week, so you have whole new hour of Bill Burr every seven days. I know i catch up on it and never miss any episode.

As mentioned above, i’m subscribed to Netflix, so i also noticed his new comedy animation, which is called F is for Family. It follows his childhood and family, and having watched only one episode, it was looking pretty good. It’s also rated 8 on imdb, i think, and it’s created and written by Bill Burr, so it has to be awesome.

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