Life of Arnold Schwarzenegger – incredible achievements and life

I was just watching documentary about Arnold and then briefly read his biography on Wikipedia.. What a guy. Despite all the scandals, i know he’s my kind of person and we would click if we ever met.

He was born in Austria, his father was former Nazi and his mother was strict too. As a kid, he was beaten and forced to conform of what his father was expecting of him, but he chose to be a rebel. He gave up soccer practices that his father signed him up for, and decided to pursue weightlifting instead. He watched a lot of american movies and idolized American bodybuilders, so since ten, all he wanted was to move to America. And at 21, he finally packed his bags and moved here. It takes so much courage and determination to move to a country without speaking the language. But that didn’t stop him from working hard and he quickly learned English and started winning bodybuilding awards, slowly gaining popularity. Take a look at one review i liked the most.

 By the late seventies, he was well established in bodybuilding community, but he didn’t stop at that. He made up his mind that next thing he wanted to do was acting and started gaining roles, despite the fact that his accent was very thick and nobody could understand him. His accent was so bad that the first film had to be dubbed over. He himself said that all he faced was rejection at every corner. Everyone told him that he wouldn’t make it in hollywood because of his accent, and that he should just give up. But Arnold didn’t listen and it paid off – just few years later, he got leading role in Conan the Barbarian, which was a smash hit and jump started his career. After making one hit action and comedy movies after another, he amassed net worth of 300$ million dollars and decided to take a break from acting to focus on his family.

 But soon enough, his competitive spirit still got better of him and he decided to get into politics. As always, he didn’t have it easy, but after a few years he managed to run for governor of California and win. It is notable though, that he did it as a republican and not as a democrat. Perhaps it’s just me, but everyone in hollywood seems a diehard democrat.

Now, after retiring from office, he’s still back to acting. Guy’s 70, and he still does not take a break from fighting for greatness. He achieved all this in one lifetime, and for most people thousand lifetimes wouldn’t suffice to achieve the same. I have nothing but respect for this great man.


My secrets about procrastination – different take on the topic

With all the self-help books and overpriced courses, we hear the word ‘procrastionation’ at least few times a day. If you ask me, it’s not nearly as damaging as a lot of people make out procrastination to be, and let me explain why.

I first read about benefits of procrastination in Adam Grant’s book, Originals. In the book, Adam argues and actually proves that procrastination can boost originality. But it doesn’t mean that by sitting on couch every day for a week you’ll come up with something genius. It means that sometimes, taking your mind off particular task and spending it leisurely can be beneficial. But thing is, that you also have to keep your work issue in the back of your head, so your brain can passively brainstorm. I know it doesn’t make a lot of sense, so i recommend reading his book for more detailed and frankly better explanation. But i do also know that whenever i’m stuck at a challenge and can’t seem to find any way around it, taking my mind off that task and doing physical exercise really helps me. I don’t know why, but i’m brainstorming at my best when i’m hiking or in the gym. I don’t have any scientific proof for this, But i think it’s because when focusing on brainstorming for this particular idea, our brain is under a lot of pressure and fails to come up with original ideas. Instead, it reverts back to suggest what has worked before, and it’s in that loop forever.

 Very interestingly, i’ve also noticed that whenever i’m away from my computer traveling for a few days, ideas just come flowing into my brain. I think because i work with my PC,  and therefore have no work during the travels, my mind kind of starts to miss the mental challenge and starts churning out the ideas to fill that void. I know it might sound insane, but i think that’s how it works. If anyone has any idea or interesting study to share, i’d love to hear your thoughts in comments.